Wednesday, February 10, 2010

myRecorder - Audio Recorder

Our 4th App on the AppStore

Please leave any comments or improvements you wish to see on this app.

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myRecorder is a super easy to use recording app that will satisfy all your audio recording needs.

Here are the features:
- Simple user interface with one touch recording
- Quickly stop recording by pressing the Home button
- Navigation with SHAKE motion while recording
- Record audio in low/high quality modes
- Ability to rename files/delete files
- Playback your saved audio
- Connect over wifi to transfer your recorded files to your Desktop/Laptop

Use this app to record anything you wish at any location.
You can press the Stop button to finish recording OR simply close the app (by pressing the home button) at any point and it will end your recording and save it.

For best results in saving battery life (when recording for a long duration), put your device's brightness level to lowest using the Settings app.

Also, when you save long audio in high quality mode, the saved recording will be a large file. So you have the option to quickly copy/move/transfer this file to your desktop/laptop. Don't be limited by the size of your audio recording!

Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch 2nd generation (iPod touch requires external microphone).


Our 3rd App on the AppStore

Have you ever lost all your contacts when you accidentally damaged your iPhone? This seems to be a problem with people using iPhone who don't sync their contacts with iTunes.

MailContacts is an app that was created to backup iPhone contacts via email. By simply emailing your contacts to yourself or to someone else, you get to keep a copy of your contacts.

MailContacts only extracts phone numbers and email addresses for now but more features will be added in the future. Please visit the link below to check out the app.

Also, please leave any comments or improvements you wish to see on this app.

Click Here to Preview the App!